What is Whatsapp CRM?

Whatsapp CRM is through Whatsapp to do customer relationship management, you must know that Whatsapp has a certain share in the world, so it is recommended to build Whatsapp CRM.

So, how do you build it?

In addition to the recently released WhatsApp business version (Whatsapp business version), WhatsApp also launched the WhatsApp API. This allows companies to distribute information to users with permission and encourages them to contact them.

AI + Property Valuation + Mortgage Grant

In the era of the Internet of Everything, some machines can exchange information with other machines without human operation to construct the Internet of Things. It is because of this breakthrough development that the process of AI artificial intelligence can also be further developed.

Nowadays, the application of AI is appropriate and wide. Whether it is security, payment, medical care, finance, etc., you can see the traces of AI. Thanks to the development of the Internet, a large amount of data is generated, and these data can be used by machines to learn and analyze and analyze. Summarize some conclusions to predict, calculate, and even identify people’s age, race, skin color, etc.

In terms of finance, I believe readers have heard of AI used to verify the identity of a borrower. Some companies even use AI to evaluate the credit of a borrower, and then decide whether to lend or not, or how much to give him.

For banks, building mortgages are their more enthusiastic borrowing category, because buildings have the effect of preserving their value. What’s more, in Hong Kong, a small place, even if the borrower is really unable to repay the loan, they also sell the property through “repossession.” auction. However, when it comes to property loans, banks often have a lot of manpower and material resources to evaluate the properties for mortgage applications. For example, they need to check the property’s past transaction records and the sales prices of properties in the same district as a reference. Thinking of using AI to save the bank’s human resource costs, as well as factors such as evaluating mortgage applications, the maximum amount the applicant can approve, and other factors, it really saves a lot of time.

Google Launches New Security Functions on YouTube

Many parents use mobile phones to watch movies for their children, but have you ever worried about whether the clips for children are suitable for children? In addition, if children forget to do their homework or watch too long, can parents limit it?

In view of this, Google has launched a beta version of YouTube’s supervised service, which is designed for children aged 9-12. Parents can choose between “Explore”, “Explore more content” and “Most of YouTube content” according to their children’s age and interests. Set to supervise children’s time and content of watching videos.

In addition, Google has launched the “Youtube Kids” application specifically for children aged 3-12 since September last year. It uses large-size pictures with a brightly colored interface and clear icon design. It provides cartoons, educational videos, and nursery rhymes. , Or various math, science, or nature-related content, or individual videos and channels that parents allow their children to watch. Through a complete set of parental control settings, children can explore the content they are interested in under parental control and have a safer viewing environment.

More jobs for women cybersecurity professional due to COVID

There is a news report that says there are more women now employed to become cybersecurity professional thanks to COVID-19. According to the report given be IFsec global, 49% of women cybersecurity professionals says the pandemic has a positive impact to their careers whereas only 9% says it would have negatively impact.

Moreover, 89% of women who work in the industry think they have the job security and in fact many companies are still recruiting new members in their team.

30,000 Macs Are Infected by New Malware Researchers Said

Cyber security becomes a more serious issue today. With new work from home policies everywhere around the globe, cyber attackers are seeking every way to find their new preys.

Recently has reported by ZDnet, a new malware called Silver Sparrow targeted mainly Mac system was found by security researcher Red Canary and VMWare Carbon Black team. This new malware although doesn’t yet know its capabilities has already infected 29,139 MacOS with the span of 153 countries including the U.K, the U.S, Canada, France and Germany.

The experts said this new malware purposes is still yet to be discovered and the mainly concern is it can support the Apple new invention M1 chips.

France’s biggest cybersecurity firm was hacked

Stormshield, a french cybersecurity firm that has many contracts with the French government has reported that their source code was “stolen” by hackers in a recent cyber-attack. The incident was believed to be occurred in December last year, where an unauthorized access was recorded to a technical portal used by customers and partners to manage tech support tickets.

A number of customer accounts was accessed and viewed, and all the information store was possibly stolen as well. The company now is investigating this situation thoroughly and no doubts it will harm the company’s reputation and future prospects.

Cybersecurity Concerns Rise as Employees Working From Home

Today it is not uncommon to see people work from home, as every one in the world observers social distancing, people use their own home computer to login company’s servers or have access to confidential documents without properly configured security codes are raising alarms in cyber security.

According to a news story published by BBC recently said “57% of IT decisions makers believed that remote workers would expose their firm to the risk of a data breach”. However many large companies have already in placed their own cyber security policies for example, issuing their employees a worked laptop computer with a better configured VPNs (network connections) so that they can get the job done easily and securely.

But for smaller companies they may have not done that due to resources limitations. The expert suggests the smaller companies should at least impose VPNs to their users to connect back to their offices servers so that confidential information such as product quotes, client sensitive information can be protected unlike a normal internet connection where a hacker can tap the wire into.

A solution to this problem is to continuing provide education to company staffs so that they can aware to the threat they face.

How to use WhatsApp to do CRM?

CRM is very important to companies today, especially in the age of media flooding. If companies want to spread their messages without leaking, they must appear on different platforms, whether it is social media or instant messaging software. It’s good to be able to appear.

As for WhatsApp, because it has multiple users and is more convenient, some companies that specialize in CRM systems integrate Whatsapp into their systems.

So how should Whatsapp CRM do?

The easiest way is to classify customers through Whatsapp business, and then manually send some important information to customers. However, if you have 300 clients to send, it will be troublesome to send manually one by one. At this time, you can use the Whatsapp API to send SMS, which is very convenient.

Whatsapp business may become a threat to hackers

One of the most criticized topics of Whatsapp is its security and privacy. As the most popular instant messaging platform in the world, it is not surprising that WhatsApp is often targeted by hackers. As for whether Fb should enhance its security, this is another topic.

But hackers often drill loopholes, this is the fact. Since Whatsapp launched the Whatsapp business relationship, the personal account can transfer data to the Whatsapp business account by entering a set of 6-digit confirmation numbers. Hackers see this and use the victim’s contact list to secretly transfer those names to Whatsapp business. Then what will play the role of a Whatsapp technician makes the victim’s guard down, saying that his information was sent to your account in error, so you are asked to give him the 6-digit confirmation code.

If you give it to him, he will successfully hijack your account, and you will never get in! If Whatsapp should do a good job, it should confirm the phone number in the SIM card instead of allowing users to add/change a phone number at will.

Homemade antibacterial fragrance

Essential oils can be bacteriostatic. Some media even reported the test of Evgeny V. Usachev at the Griffith University School of Engineering in Australia, proving that tea tree oil and eucalyptus oil are extremely effective in suppressing cold-causing coronavirus. Let me introduce you now:

The following essential oils have different degrees of bactericidal effect
Category 1: Laurel, clove, balsam
Category 2: Eucalyptus, tea tree, green flowers Melaleuca, Melaleuca, Rowan Shaye
Category 3: lemon, mandarin, orange, lime, eucalyptus camphor
Note: Class 1 essential oils have the strongest sterilization effect, and so on, but it should be noted that Class 1 and Class 2 essential oils are not suitable for pregnant women and babies.

In addition, the fragrance is made into a spray, so you can make a sterilizing spray, which is very simple. However, there are many types of coronaviruses. Whether the essential oil mentioned in the article is effective for the new coronavirus is unknown, and readers should judge for themselves.