Google Launches New Security Functions on YouTube

Many parents use mobile phones to watch movies for their children, but have you ever worried about whether the clips for children are suitable for children? In addition, if children forget to do their homework or watch too long, can parents limit it?

In view of this, Google has launched a beta version of YouTube’s supervised service, which is designed for children aged 9-12. Parents can choose between “Explore”, “Explore more content” and “Most of YouTube content” according to their children’s age and interests. Set to supervise children’s time and content of watching videos.

In addition, Google has launched the “Youtube Kids” application specifically for children aged 3-12 since September last year. It uses large-size pictures with a brightly colored interface and clear icon design. It provides cartoons, educational videos, and nursery rhymes. , Or various math, science, or nature-related content, or individual videos and channels that parents allow their children to watch. Through a complete set of parental control settings, children can explore the content they are interested in under parental control and have a safer viewing environment.

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