Data backup and technical problems of Live house

Live house is basically a venue rental service. For managers, its information is the list of customers and attendees (viewers). These data can basically be recorded with an RDBMS or Excel. But with more and more data, backup is necessary, so how to back up?

If it is an Excel file, it is easiest to do it with a USB flash drive, but if it belongs to the website data, it can be backed up into a server file and then backed up by tape. Of course, if there is more data, you may need to use progressive backup to back up the updated data part. This method has the advantage of saving some backup resources.

Security issues

Network security is an indispensable subject for the development of the Internet. With the development of cloud computing, data and data security is necessary, so companies should use a more secure database connection method, that is, the database allows only certain IPs to enter, and you must be careful Handle vulnerabilities in phpMyadmin and database user settings. I have tried to break into the server illegally because the database has too many test accounts and does not properly manage user permissions, so I advise you to really be careful.