How to make customers willingly provide personal information?

Hong Kong is a “developed” city, and Hong Kong people are very sensitive and disgusted with some marketing information (advertising information). But as a company, how can you use some free channels such as Whatsapp to do marketing without bothering you and get the consent of the people at the time? The following are some personal opinions of the author:

First: Register WhatsApp business account and API

Whatsapp now has a commercial (busienss) account. Merchants can use it to communicate and sort with customers, and it’s free. However, the only catch is that WhatsApp Business (WAB) cannot set the automatic response function. It must be registered through the official whatsapp API. The registration process is basically free, but I suggest that it is best to find some officially recognized agents to register, because they will be more familiar with the registration process, so it will greatly reduce your application time. After registering, you can use WhatsApp to do marketing or improve customer experience!

Second: Use QR code well

Using QR codes to ride in a car, go shopping, buy tickets, etc. is nothing new. After you have registered for Whatsapp business and API, you can use the software to generate a WhatsApp communication link. When the customer actively scans it, it indicates that he is willing to receive your message. If you send him a message in the future, you will generally not be disgusted.

Third: use mail

If the user actively subscribes to your newsletter, it means that he has a certain interest in your products and services, and agrees to send him an email. So you can invite him to join the Whatsapp group or your business users on the email, so the author’s previous tests are very effective.

Fourth: Hang up this contact number on Facebook

You can fill in the WA contact number on the special page. Once the user presses this “contact” button, it means that he has allowed you to send a message to him.

The above are several ways to get optin, you might as well have a try.