Cybersecurity Concerns Rise as Employees Working From Home

Today it is not uncommon to see people work from home, as every one in the world observers social distancing, people use their own home computer to login company’s servers or have access to confidential documents without properly configured security codes are raising alarms in cyber security.

According to a news story published by BBC recently said “57% of IT decisions makers believed that remote workers would expose their firm to the risk of a data breach”. However many large companies have already in placed their own cyber security policies for example, issuing their employees a worked laptop computer with a better configured VPNs (network connections) so that they can get the job done easily and securely.

But for smaller companies they may have not done that due to resources limitations. The expert suggests the smaller companies should at least impose VPNs to their users to connect back to their offices servers so that confidential information such as product quotes, client sensitive information can be protected unlike a normal internet connection where a hacker can tap the wire into.

A solution to this problem is to continuing provide education to company staffs so that they can aware to the threat they face.

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