Whatsapp business may become a threat to hackers

One of the most criticized topics of Whatsapp is its security and privacy. As the most popular instant messaging platform in the world, it is not surprising that WhatsApp is often targeted by hackers. As for whether Fb should enhance its security, this is another topic.

But hackers often drill loopholes, this is the fact. Since Whatsapp launched the Whatsapp business relationship, the personal account can transfer data to the Whatsapp business account by entering a set of 6-digit confirmation numbers. Hackers see this and use the victim’s contact list to secretly transfer those names to Whatsapp business. Then what will play the role of a Whatsapp technician makes the victim’s guard down, saying that his information was sent to your account in error, so you are asked to give him the 6-digit confirmation code.

If you give it to him, he will successfully hijack your account, and you will never get in! If Whatsapp should do a good job, it should confirm the phone number in the SIM card instead of allowing users to add/change a phone number at will.

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